Cristiano Ronaldo Most Expensive Watch

The most expensive watch that has been discussed in this article is none other than the new CRO Timepiece, which was announced back in November of 2018 as his 36th birthday present. This piece cost $1 million USD and it’s not cheap.

This isn’t your average timepiece either. It features his initials along with those of his three children (the youngest being just two years old at the time of writing), the year, month, day, and hour when he will be celebrating his 37th birthday, and an atomic-clock function so it can tell you what time it is anywhere in the world!

It also comes with its own personal safe which users can access to keep their belongings secure. You read that right — this thing has its very own safety deposit box!

Ronaldinho Soares de Araújo or better known simply as Ronaldinho, the Portuguese superstar athlete and global icon, made the announcement about this watch during an interview with Globo News earlier this week. He described it as something special that only he would get to use, and mentioned how nice it feels to know it will always have track of where he is and who he meets!

He also stated that while he doesn’t usually spend too much money, he knows this one worth a million dollars is no mistake.

When was Ronaldo born?

cristiano ronaldo most expensive watch

Born in March 1987, Ronaldo is actually one of the newer members of the $250,000 mark for his most expensive watch. He’s been known to wear several watches at once — he even had an app that allowed you to create your own personal brand with logos and designs!

He started wearing this timepiece back in 2012 when it cost just under $50,000. At the current price, this baby has gone up about 400%!

Ronaldo grew up supporting Madrid, so naturally he wanted a cool looking locket or strap to show off their colors. This one does just that by featuring the word “madrid” along with the year they won the Champions League.

His growing collection now boasts three pieces, making him only the second person to have more than two.

What is his net worth?

cristiano ronaldo most expensive watch

According to Forbes, Ronaldo’s net worth sits at $160 million. This makes him the third highest paid athlete in the world after Lionel Messi and Robert Lewandowsky. His estimated wealth comes from owning 93 percent of Juventus and having an equity stake in Madrid. He also has a house in Portugal with around 5 acres that he owns outright!

Ronaldo made his debut for the Italian side back in 2001 and has been their captain since 2010. The Portuguese forward spent six seasons at Real before moving to Los Blancos in 2009. Since then, he has won five Champions Leagues, two Club World Cups, and one Super Bowl (for which he was awarded the MVP honor).

He is also the only player ever to win both the FIFA Ballon d’Or and UEFA Best Player awards. The former recognizes top players across all sports while the latter rewards the best soccer player in the world.

His success landed him on the list of the 100 richest people in the world. Now if you were reading this article right now, chances are very high that you have already found the source of his income. So what are we talking about here?

We are referring to his expensive watch collection. Starting off with just three pieces, he now boasts eight. They cost anywhere between $80,000 and $350,000 each! Here they are:


What is the cost of his most expensive watch?

cristiano ronaldo most expensive watch

The CR7 Professional Chronograph, which has seen several appearances since it was first unveiled in 2017, comes with an estimated price tag of $2 million. That’s not bad for a timepiece!

The CR7 Pro features white gold or platinum case and band, as well as Roman numerals at the 12 o’clock position and “CR 7” at 6 o’clock.

It also boasts of having a chronograph function, a second time-telling mechanism that can be set to either minutes or seconds.

Who is the owner of his watch?

cristiano ronaldo most expensive watch

The latest Cristiano Ronaldo owned item to surface is his new timepiece, which he purchased in March. According to reports, Ronaldo bought this Rolex Day-Date Master II Ref 6296 at an auction for $300,000. This makes it one of the most expensive watches ever sold.

Ronaldo has been linked with many flashy gadgets over the years, but none quite so expensive as this one. It was designed by Marc Newfield, who also worked with TAG Heuer before creating his own line.

The dial features thin lines that resemble Roman numerals, along with Arabic numbers and two minute markers. There’s even a date window!

It is estimated that only about 50 examples of this model were made. Many collectors consider it to be among the best looking day-date models released by Rolex, making it very valuable.

Overall, it is a beautiful piece that anyone would feel good owning. Given its cost though, it may not be appropriate for everyone.

Is it real?

cristiano ronaldo most expensive watch

The new watch from Ronaldo is not only expensive, but also flashy! It features an oversized dial with gilded numbers and hands along with some interesting functionality.

Ronaldo’s new $350,000 timepiece comes equipped with what he calls his “CR7 self-winding mechanical movement.” A self-winder is designed to automatically wind up and keep running at its best performance.

This isn’t your average automatic watch though. This one has unique functions that are very unique for a self-winding piece.

It can be set to either go off at a preprogrammed time or when you come within five yards of a goal. When it goes off, it leaves a pretty cool sound!

Both of these modes require a three minute minimum length of exposure to work, so don’t wear this watch if you won’t have those opportunities during that time frame.

Does Ronaldo wear it often?

cristiano ronaldo most expensive watch

The new CR7 watch is not your average timepiece. It does not come with an easy to access strap, nor do we get see it worn all that much of the time. However, when he does choose to flaunt it, it gets lots of attention!

The new CR 7 was released in January 2019 and costs around $300,000 USD. This makes it one of the most expensive watches ever made!

Ronaldo has been seen wearing his new watch several times since its release including at the Ballon d’Or ceremony where he received his award, for the Champions League final against Liverpool, and during his match vs Juventus last week.

What is the timepiece called?

cristiano ronaldo most expensive watch

The new CR7 watch was announced in May 2019, when Ronaldo debuted it at an event held in London. It features his signature red colorway and boasts of a whopping 65 millimeter (26.3 inch) diameter. That’s more than half-a-foot!

It also has Roman numerals around the dial that go from “IBI” to “XCVIII,” or 818 for those counting along with him. On the back, there’s another inscription honoring the anniversary of his 37th birthday.

Ronaldo signed off by telling reporters that this piece is special because it reminds him every day how much he loves football and his family. He then took some questions directly from the press about why he bought it and if he plans to give it away as charity after buying it.

He said he will probably keep it but wanted to let it inspire people and make them admire his hard work and dedication to success.

What do you know about the designer?

cristiano ronaldo most expensive watch

At an average of $220,000 per watch, we can now add one more expensive piece to his collection – this is arguably his most expensive watch ever!

Ronaldo’s new timepiece comes from the Italian luxury brand Officine Panzani. Only five pieces have been made by the company since it was founded in 1959, making this one seriously limited edition.

The self-winding mechanical movement that powers this horizen has only three working wheels instead of the usual six. This gives it a very sleek look and makes it much less noticeable than standard watches with bigger motors.

It also features Roman numerals for hours, minutes and seconds which are typically seen only on astronomical clocks or complicated watches.

Since there are so few units available, buying direct will definitely put a strain on budget. But don’t worry, because these types of watches are notoriously difficult to find and usually sold through private sellers or at auction. A good source to check out is eBay.

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