Is 36mm Watch Too Small For A Man? [the Best Solution]

What do you think? Is 36mm watch too small for a man?

Many men have a difficult time finding a watch they like because most are either too big or too small. Watches that are way too large can look very over-the-top, while those that are too slim do not fit well under a shirt.

A nice size for a watch is somewhere in the middle — just enough weight to hold it up without looking bulky, but small enough to easily access the watch face. A popular choice for this size is what we refer to as the “36-millimeter” watch.

Many people consider this size to be too small for men. They say that since men need more space to use their hands, having a smaller watch becomes uncomfortable to hold onto. Others claim that it may hurt your wrist due to the lack of padding.

But I beg to differ! Having a slightly smaller watch than everyone else is totally fine and even fashionable these days. In fact, some brands make really cool designs that feature watches with shorter arms.

In this article, you will learn about why wearing a 36 mm watch is a great idea and some tricks to enjoy them more fully. So, let’s get started!

Why Does It Matter If A Watch Size Is Right For You?

You spend a good amount of money buying a watch, which typically comes with one strap style. Some straps can be long or short depending on how the wearer wants to dress.

Reasons: Is 36mm Watch Too Small For A Man

Let’s talk about some reasons why having a 36-month-old watch is kind of annoying. It may seem like a good idea at first, but then you look down and realize that your wrist has to sit back in order to see the time!

The reason that this is not a great thing is that as your body gets heavier as you age, your bones get thicker and wider. This means that your wrists become tighter and take up more room, making it harder to fit a watch onto your hand.

In fact, most people need a bigger sized watch than someone who is much younger or much older. This can be really frustrating when you want to know what time something is and there is no way to do so!

Fortunately, there are ways to fix this problem! You can purchase larger-size watches or have them made into smaller ones. But either one will cost quite a bit more than buying a newer, smaller watch!

There is an easy solution to this though – buy a new watch! The best bet would be to visit brickandmortar stores or online sites to find a watch that fits you well and is inexpensive.

Is 39mm Watch Too Small For A Man

They do not have enough room for all of the buttons

This is one of the biggest pet peeves that we as watch collectors have. We as humans need at least eight to ten slots per side where we can store our watch strap, bracelet, or button!

Most men’s watches come with only two small holes in each time zone where you can attach their straps. Some even lack any clear space anywhere for a bracelet!

Why don’t they include more than just two straps? Because most people already own at least three, it would be too expensive to ensure everyone has one!

We have found many ways to fix this problem but none are perfect.

They are difficult to keep clean

When you don’t have access to your watch, things get tricky. You can’t easily wash it or take it off when taking a shower, and water may damage the strap or buckle.

Most men find that they have to either buy a larger-sized watch or risk not being able to tell time due to lack of space for the face.

Some people believe that watches under 40 mm are too small for men, but this is definitely not the case if you look at some famous male faces.

A few years ago, only very rich people could afford a watch with a diameter bigger than 30 millimeters, but now almost every man owns one!

And even though there are many men who complain about how slim their wrist looks without having an expensive-looking watch, most prefer the way it makes them feel – professional and sophisticated.

You will need a chain to wear it

When we talk about wide-wristed watches, there is one size that most people seem to agree on: A watch that is either 37 or 38 millimeters wide is too small for men.

We have all seen this style of watch at least once in our lives. It’s got a really skinny bracelet that barely fits on your wrist and looks funny with dress shirts.

If you are looking to add some bling to your wardrobe, then these types of timepieces can be fun to own. But they are not ideal for more formal events due to their skimpy bracelets.

A thinner strap does make the watch look lighter weight which may appeal to someone who wants to feel light on their feet. However, unless you like having very thin straps as an accessory, I wouldn’t recommend this type of watch if you want to look professional.

There is no way to know for sure what kind of person Daniel would invite to his party, but just because something isn’t fashionable doesn’t mean it isn’t practical.

They do not look good with many suits

While there is no wrong size watch, for men who like very thin watches or want to mix and match their dress clothes, then a larger watch can look great!

Most people agree that men’s fashion trends are quite expensive and flashy, which sometimes makes it hard to find an inexpensive new piece to add to your collection. I will say though, even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, there are some really cool affordable one-piece watch designs out there!

There are several brands that offer relatively cheap but still stylish timepieces. Some of these include Fossil, Timex, Casio, Seiko, and Hagerty. All of these companies design solid timepieces that appeal to almost anyone.

I will be talking about two different types of 36-millimeter (1½ inch) wristwatches in this article – plastic and steel. But before we get into those, let us talk about why they are not as attractive as a 42-millimeter (1¾ inch) watch.

Why large watches are less fashionable for men

Many believe that large watches are too much “bling” for a man to wear. This theory is mostly spread by women who feel that all of the blingy jewelry he has cannot fit their budget.

They will get dirty very fast

When shopping for your new watch, make sure you know what size it is! The sizes are not only in diameter but also how many hands it has as well as whether or not it is digital.

Many men’s fashion brands have gone down the small-diameter route with their watches because they think that any man who wears a watch is automatically going to wash them every day!

But we all know that men don’t usually take particularly great care of themselves and staying clean isn’t their top priority sometimes.

So, if you plan to wear this watch outside of the house often then I would recommend getting one that has larger holes. Or even buy two separate timepieces — one for daily use and one for when you feel like taking more luxurious time.

That way you can keep the second one protected and fresh.

You will not be able to wear a long sleeve shirt

Many men have their favorite timepiece brands that they can never seem to find enough of! They may love the classic look, the bold colors or even the funky-shaped watches. If you are looking to invest in some new watch clogs, then check out our list here!

We have gathered a list of the top 10 expensive watch brands and what size of their watch. By learning these things, you will know if an item is worth your money before you buy it!

It’s hard to believe it but there was a moment back when only one brand made quality watches. Now there are so many that almost every major retailer has at least three different brands. This can sometimes lead to buying something that isn’t quite right because there just aren’t too many pictures and descriptions to refer to.

Thinking about investing in a new watch can feel like a struggle between whether to spend the cash or not.

Is 36mm Watch Too Small For A Man

You will not be able to wear a cuff link

When we talk about men’s fashion, one of the most important sizes is that of the watch! A lot of people seem to get stuck on the size of the band as the biggest factor in determining if an all-white look is totally work-appropriate or not. But what you don’t realize is that the diameter of the face plate is just as important!

The average man’s wrist is around 7 inches long, which means that any watch with a face width of fewer than 4 inches can’t be used as a timepiece. This includes anything from thin “blade style” watches to large square ones!

A common argument against small faces is that they may make wearing jewelry like a bracelet or even a watch chain complicated. So, here are we, in conclusion of is 36mm watch too small for a man article. Hope you got the answer.

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