What Hand Should A Man Wear A Watch

A watch is an integral part of what we refer to as “good grooming” for men. Whether you are interested in dressy casual or casual business attire, having a good watch will always enhance your look.

A nice watch can be a form of self-expression. It can be flashy, elegant, simple, or anything in between. There are many types of watches, with different styles that appeal to different people.

Many think that only women wear watches, but this is not true! Many famous celebrities have showered themselves in expensive timepieces. Technology has made it possible to find very fine watches that are affordable.

There are several reasons why every man should own at least one watch. This article will talk about some of the benefits of owning a watch, and then discuss which hand a person should put their watch on.

Leather hand with metal

what hand should a man wear a watch

A great way to accessorize your watch collection is by buying a leather watch sleeve or strap. Most people choose either an alligator, crocodile, or snake skin wallet-style wrist cover that can be easily attached to most watch straps.

The best quality leathers are cow, pig, horse — you get the idea! If you’re more into bears than snakes then check out our article here for bear patterned watch bands.

These high quality covers keep your watch clean and look super cool. They’re also very affordable ($20-$50 typically). Many sellers on Amazon will include these in their sale packages as well so always check those out if you’re looking to save some money!

This advice applies even if you already have a watch case. Simply purchase a new leather watch strap or band and pair it up with your current one to create a new fashion statement or layer piece.

Leather hand with metal watch

what hand should a man wear a watch

A classic way to dress your hands is by using leather gloves or what they are called mitten style gloves. These are very popular because not only do you get to choose the material, but you can also design the pattern and color of the glove any which way you want!

Underneath the gloves, you will want to wear a watch that has a strap that extends up over the top of the hand. This creates an easy way to access the watch without having to take off the glove first!

On this look, we suggest looking for a one-piece stainless steel watch with rounded edges. They are designed to fit in the palm of the hand and have lugs that go across the knuckle of each finger.

Leather hand with rubber

A very popular way to style your watch is using leather or fake leather as a handle or strap. Some people even use it as the cover for the time piece!

The best way to layer this onto a watch is by buying a watch that already has a leather band pre-installed. Most watches these days have a plastic or silicone watch face which can be painted, decorated with jewels, or replaced with a new one.

Once you have found your perfect watch, buy some strong adhesive glue and attach the bands together at the wrist. Then, switch out the old watchband for the newer, improved one!

I know what you are thinking – why would someone pay extra for an ugly watch? I agree, they are not my favorite but many like them because they like the design and feel of the material.

Leather is a rich, thick fabric so depending on how you wash it it will keep its shape and look more elegant over time.

Glove hand

what hand should a man wear a watch

When wearing a watch, your hands are usually given a credit as the most important feature to look at. However, what kind of watch you wear is an integral part of how people perceive you. There are three main styles for watches and which one you should choose depends mostly on what kind of style you want to project.

The first is the time-honored way to dress with a watch: The sports watch. These have large bold face clocks that can be difficult to read due to size. They also come in very expensive materials such as leather or stainless steel, making them more durable than casual watches.

A less expensive version of this comes in white plastic covers, which some refer to as a “digital skin” cover because it covers up the clock face slightly. This looks much cooler than a plain black strap.

The third type is something that has become increasingly popular: The smartwatch. These use technology to tell time and connect to apps and computers so that users do not need to find their phone to check the time. Some even have their own small screen so that they can access additional features like the internet!

What makes the difference between each of these types of watches is whether or not they have a band. A band is a piece of jewelry that goes around the wrist. Most bands are made out of leather, but there are many others available.

Glove hand with metal

what hand should a man wear a watch

When wearing your watch as a glovesteam, what kind of watch you have is very important. You want to know if it can be seen under your sleeve or not! If it can, then you need to know whether it looks good with that setting or not.

If you have a white dress, then clearly matching the watch to the skin tone is best. For example, if the wrist is lined in leather, going for an all-white watch would look best.

On the other hand, if the arm is exposed to view, then looking into black or dark blue watches is more appropriate. This way, the watch does not get drowned out by the color of the shirt!

And finally, if the watch has some sort of strap, like a bracelet, then go for one that matches the style of the rest of the jewelry you are already owning.

Glove hand with metal watch

what hand should a man wear a watch

A gloved-hand watch is one that has a face that does not extend past the wrist, so it must be strapped onto the arm somewhere else. Most people use an open-faced watch as their gloved-hand watch, but some prefer the lined up position of the watch along the inner side of the glove. This looks more professional as there is no exposed skin to dole out information.

If you choose this style, then you will need to find a way to strap it down securely. Some people sew the watch into the sleeve or put tight leather straps through holes in the watch. Both are very personal styles!

And for men who like showing off their watches, having a gloved-hand watch can look really cool.

Glove hand with rubber

what hand should a man wear a watch

When wearing a watch, men should choose which hand to use as dependent upon what they will be doing. If he is going to grab something or take action, then his hands need to be prepared for that.

If he chooses to keep it casual then there are some great styles of watches that can easily be dressed up or down. We have discussed before how important it is to mix and match your dress shirts so choosing a style depending on whether it is formal or informal is not a big deal.

Puffie hand

what hand should a man wear a watch

The most popular way to hold your watch using your puffing or index finger is called a chrono (short for time) style. This is typically how professional athletes wear watches as they need to have their hands free for doing exercises or studying notes before a game or practice.

This style is very easy to do, but requires you to know what time it is in order to use it. Because of this, people usually have a second watch that they switch out when the first one runs down!

The problem with this style is that your fingers get cold more quickly due to the fact that they are not insulated. If you like wearing warm clothes then this may be bad for you. Also, if you happen to drop your watch, your fingers will grab onto it which can cause damage either to the watch or yourself.

Overall, although this is a great looking style, I would recommend staying simple with less expensive watches that don’t look too flashy.

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