What Watch Does Elon Musk Wear

When it comes to fashion, there are few people in this world who do not like to put their own personal style into practice. Some of us take pride in sticking with brands we have always known and loved, while others will experiment with new styles and trends that appeal to them.

There is one very rich man, however, who does not seem to fit either category. His style never seems to stay still, and he constantly revamps his wardrobe to match his current mood or state of mind.

He also frequently updates the look and appearance of at least one item in his collection, which only adds more to his reputation as an artistic individual.

What watch does elon musk wear? You may have heard about his love for square-shaped smart watches, but not many know what model he uses personally.

Some say that he has changed his smartphone several times, so why would he need another piece of technology to keep track of time? Others believe that his choice of watch changes depending on the season or event he is attending.

This article will be focused on his most recent watch — the Apple Watches. However, before getting into all the details, let’s take a quick look at some of the other models he has used in the past.

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what watch does elon musk wear

When it comes to what watch company CEO Elon Musk wears, there’s no denying that he is totally invested in Timex. He has worn many different models of Timexes throughout his career, but his favorite model remains the El-Molo Steel. This smartwatch features an analog face with Roman numerals and numbers up to 99, making it easy to read.

Musk frequently flaunts this timepiece by wearing it with leather shoes or casual pants. It definitely sets him apart from other CEOs at large technology companies where people make way for more formal looks.

Timex was founded in 1884 in Waterbury, Connecticut and now operates as a subsidiary of Fossil Group, Inc.. Since then, Timex has remained true to its name by creating quality watches that are affordable.

Richard Mille

When Tesla CEO Elon Musk first entered the car business, he didn’t flaunt his wealth or spend too much money on flashy clothes. But as his company grew in popularity, so did his wardrobe.

In fact, it was soon discovered that Musk typically wears one brand of watch — an expensive timepiece made by Swiss luxury fashion house Richard Mille. According to reports, Musk has at least six different watches from Richard Mille, with most clocking in well over $10,000.

Now those who know about Musk’s love for Richard Mille watches have gotten together to create The List, which is full of all the things we think people should own if they want to be like Elon Musk.

The list includes everything form casual shirts and jeans to more formal suits and dresses. It even includes some helpful tips and tricks such as how to care for your new RM watch.

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