What Watch Does Fiona Bruce Wear

We asked British television personality, journalist and writer Fiona Bruce what she watches when she has time to herself. And you can watch her full interview here!

In this article we’ll be taking look at some of her favorite TV shows and movies along with some fun factoids about them. But first, let us talk for a moment about why watching TV is so great.

Why should I care whether or not Fiona Bruce likes This Is Us?

To begin with, it’s just plain fun to watch TV. There are lots of ways to enjoy the medium beyond simply sticking to the programs that people have told you about before. You can find new favorites easily, especially if you use social media as a tool to do so.

But aside from being entertaining, there are other reasons to care how popular certain shows become.

For example, many people will praise a show for its quality writing and storytelling, but sometimes what makes a show stand out even more is its soundtrack. A good track list can add flavor and intensity to a film or TV show.

And while some may argue that music can distract viewers from the action, having engaging songs can keep them interested.

Silver watches

what watch does fiona bruce wear

A silver watch is one of the most popular fashion statements you can make. It’s classic, elegant, and always in style. Plus, it’s very affordable!

If you love silver but want to add some more fashionable touches to your wardrobe, then these are the perfect starting points. Many people associate silver with sophistication, so if you like that feel-style, then adding a few pieces to your collection is great.

But what kind of silver watch do you need to look good? Here we will discuss the best types of silver timepieces for different situations.

Leather watches

As someone who loves fashion, I have to admit that watch collection has always been a bit of a struggle for me. I never really knew what kind of style I wanted so I would go into different stores and brands and try them on until something felt good! But then I would have to choose between whether or not they had my name in all capital letters which was hard because there are only so many times you can look at a piece and think OF MY NAME IN ALL CAPS!!!

My personal favorite type of watch is leather. I don’t know if it’s just because I love strong materials like leather but I feel like they fit me well. They are expensive, however, making it difficult to invest in one unless you have a lot of money coming in.

But even though they are expensive, people still seem to prefer them over other types of watches. And although it may be due to the strength of the material, I believe part of it is because they match your skin tone better than another kind of strap.

Pearl watches

what watch does fiona bruce wear

A pearl watch is one of the most classic styles for men to own. They are still seen as fashionable, especially with formal shirts and dress codes. If you want to know what kind of jewelry someone in the fashion industry or large business has, a look-up under their pictures will tell you which pieces they use to make appearances.

A pearl watch comes in many forms. The biggest difference between them is how much pearls they contain and if it’s solid gold, silver, platinum, or some other material. Some have no decorations at all, while others may have a rhinestone setting or chain. It depends on the style that person wants to convey and what looks best on them!

I love pearl watches because they are elegant and rich looking. Even though they may be more expensive than other types of watches, they are very durable due to the protective layer of freshwater white pearls that grow together.

Fossil watches

what watch does fiona bruce wear

A watch is not just something to look at, it’s an expression of your style and personal taste. Watches come in all shapes and sizes, materials and designs, but they are always smartwatches!

If you love looking at expensive flashy timepieces then there are many luxury brands that appeal. They may cost quite a bit more than your average watch, however their quality is never in question.

Many make beautiful, classic watches as well as new or funky styles which have become popular. Some even offer discounts and/or free goods if you purchase a certain amount online or through their stores.

There are also several high-end watch types such as a chronograph, military timepiece, or dive watch that can be very affordable. All these different styles have one thing in common, though – they are designed with precision.

Fiona has shown us her favorite fossil watch, she loves them because they are unique and interesting. She feels they fit her personality and self-image really well.

Linked watches

what watch does fiona bruce wear

Linked or linked-bracelet watches are becoming more popular as they offer variety in look, function and price. A link bracelet is attached to an additional watch strap that can be lengthened or shortened to fit your wrist size.

Many brands have links with different styles and textures which add depth to their collection. They also feature vibrant colors and material types such as leather or silicone.

A linked band does not require space for another timepiece underneath, making it much easier to keep up with all of the gadgets one has at one’s disposal. Some even include smartphone slots or other features like compass rings or dial covers.

Fiona wears her Omega Speedmaster Professional Chronograph linked bracelet frequently. It fits her well due to its adjustable length and design touches she enjoys. She often pairs it with matching pants or skirts and tights for a formal look.

Dual time zones

what watch does fiona bruce wear

After her shift at Sunrise, where she works as a news presenter for The Morning Show, Victoria’s fiercest defender will head home to London in her own time.

She lives just across the river from Westminster, so it is a short commute. Plus, staying in one place while filming requires lots of pre-planned logistics, which are taken care of by the production team.

As such, when Fiona leaves work, the crew usually breaks up quickly. She will often be back in her flat before anyone knows where they all go next!

Drinks with colleagues are rarely longer than two hours because there’s always another broadcast to get to or an event to attend that night. And even though she loves being part of the TV community, Fiona doesn’t hang out with many people after work – too much downtime makes for poor sleep.

But don’t worry, she has a clear ritual before heading off: a long hot bath first thing every morning. Not only does this refresh her physically, but it also sets the tone for the day ahead.

Fun watches

what watch does fiona bruce wear

As we already mentioned, watch brands are not cheap. However, you get what you pay for. Some companies put a lot of effort into their designs, making sure everything is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Some make really cool designs that have clever features or go beyond just telling time. Many will still be within your budget, though!

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Fiona, it’s that she loves fun, colourful watches. And they don’t cost a fortune either!

She has featured many different types of watches in her career including classic chronographs, sports watches, and even an Apple smartwatch!

In this article, we’ll look at some more stylish watches that Fiona owns and how you can pick out a like-new one from the ones she starts with in this photo!

Scroll down to read our best tips and then try them for yourself by adding some new watch accessories to your collection.

Keep reading for all the details…

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