What Watch Does Fiona Bruce Wear

After her debut in The Thin Man, Myrtle Wilson’s character was quickly identified as one of television’s most likeable leading ladies. With her infectious laugh and sweet nature, she consistently left viewers with a warm feeling.

Her screen persona made her popular both among audiences and fellow actors, but it also won her many accolades. She received two Emmy nominations for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series and has been named to TV Guide’s list of the 50 greatest soap opera actresses.

A well-known face, Fiona is known for portraying some of television’s biggest characters including Detective Superintendent Jane Tennison (The Bill), Commander Lisa Joyner (Merlin) and DCI Gail Leonard (Prime Suspect).

She is best known outside of Britain as Lieutenant Beth MacIntosh from Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Boston Legal. In America, she is perhaps better recognised for playing District Attorney Blair Warner on Chicago Pawn Shop.

Fiona is an ambassador for several charities including Action For Life, Kids Company and MENCAP. Since 2011, she has hosted Help Save A Life At Work events at ITV Studios where professionals work alongside volunteers to promote life skills, teamwork and communication. More info can be found here.

On stage, she recently played Queen Elizabeth I in Peter Hall’s production of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn at Birmingham Rep before transferring to London’s West End.

Silver watches

what watch does fiona bruce wear

While many people associate silver with being delicate, beautiful shades of white or gray, it is actually quite fashionable to wear lots of solid silver pieces. Gone are the days when only very wealthy people could afford flashy jewelry made exclusively out of silver!

Silver has become popular again due to its unique look that can be mixed and matched to create so many different looks. Many designers use large amounts of silver in their fashion designs thus creating elegant, stylish pieces that most anyone can own!

Many celebrities have also helped spread the popularity of silver jewelry including Beyonce who frequently flaunts her diamond and platinum collection, Taylor Swift who often sports simple bracelets and rings, and of course, Sarah Michelle Gellar who always seems to be wearing some kind of bracelet!

Overall, there are several reasons why wearing silver is a great way to refresh your wardrobe.

Bronze watches

what watch does fiona bruce wear

A classic way to dress up any watch is by choosing a bronze watch. These are characterized by their luster, color, and texture. They are also relatively inexpensive! There are many brands that make great bronzed timepieces so do some research and pick one you like better.

I have seen several beautiful ones in both gold and silver but I prefer the look of a bronze watch. Bronzes can easily be mixed and matched with most styles of clothing and there are many variations.

I would say try on a few before investing in it if you cannot decide which style looks best on you.

Pearl watches

A pearl watch is one of the most classic styles for men and women. There are many types of pearls, but all consist of an locket shape with no strap attached.

The top part of the watch has a round or oval shaped face that contains a glass pane in which there is a pearl set. The position of the pearl can be adjusted to create different looks and patterns.

Some people say that they feel more attractive when wearing a pearl watch as it gives them a elegant look without too much money spent. Others believe that it makes their hand heavier than having none at all!

If you like this style, try buying some new ones to match your dress clothes. You could also mix and match materials to find something unique.

Leather watches

what watch does fiona bruce wear

While not every woman enjoys wearing leather, it is definitely a fashionable choice. Many people associate leather with expensive clothing or bags so they forget about it as an accessorisey item. But you can get very good quality leather watch covers that are affordable!

Many sellers online market place leather watch bands in which you can pick your colour and size of band to match your wardrobe. Because they are digital devices, most do not need exposed metal parts so plastic or neoprene bands are more common.

Some even buy all the other components seperately to save money, making it easy to personalise and find one that fits you perfectly.

Stone watches

what watch does fiona bruce wear

A stone watch is a classic way to dress up your timepiece. They are back in style because they are striking, professional, and durable. Many people have made a career off of jewelry that incorporates this design element.

Stone watches come in many shapes and sizes. Watches with stones like zircons or diamonds are more expensive due to the cost of the material and the length needed to create the watch. However, they are very elegant and rich looking!

Many times, sellers will lable their watches as “stone” when really it is just painted onto the face. This is not considered a true stone watch.

There are several types of stone watches. Examples include black leather straps with rhinestones, clear acrylic bands with small cubic zirconia jewels, and white plastic or ceramic bands with some kind of stone such as red carvings for an habanero pepper watch. All of these styles look good and are unique!

Overall, buying a stone watch is a substantial investment but it is worth it. These pieces are designed to last so you get value for money in the long run.

Fossil watches

what watch does fiona bruce wear

A classic watch style is the elegant, time-honoured fossil watch. They are characterized by an hour hand that moves along a circular track for telling time, and a second hand that spins around to indicate a new minute.

These types of watch have become very popular again in recent years due to their unique look. Many brands feature elaborate designs with lots of fine detail which make them hard to put down.

They are also quite expensive as they are designed to be aesthetically pleasing. However, there are some much more affordable versions available. These will still keep good time!

I would recommend looking out for ones with solid plastic or leather bands as these are more durable than metal ones. I’ve seen many cheapo ones made from fake leather too so be careful about those!

Fun fact: The word ‘fossil’ comes from the Latin words fossa (pit) and pelvis (pelvic girdle).

Tag watches

what watch does fiona bruce wear

A watch tag is when one company designs their product to look like another, more expensive item. This gives you a bit of stealth purchase as people often don’t know what they are until they open it up.

A lot of brands do this, for example Burberry has its famous check patterned leather strap that looks very similar to Apple products!

There are many ways to achieve a watch with a fun pattern or design. For instance, using different types of laces, stitching patterns, or even replacing the strap with something matching the motif.

I have listed some easy ways to make your own patterned timepiece in our article here: How To Make Your Own Time Piece. It’s not only fun to create yours, but also cost-effective if you are looking to add a few touches to your wardrobe.

Dive watches

what watch does fiona bruce wear

A dive watch is not like other timepieces, it does not tell time! It is instead designed to be practical for diving or swimming. These sleek, durable watches have large, bold face windows that allow you to check the time easily while submerged. Some even feature additional functionality such as compass navigation or second time zone tracking.

Dive watches are also very popular because they are manufactured using waterproof materials. This allows people to swim with their watch and still get the desired effect of having a clear view of the clock. Many consider them fashion statements due to the way they liven up an outfit.

Fiona wears her Omega Speedmaster Professional Ref 1166 chronograph smartwatch in many different settings. As mentioned before, it can track time in a second timezone and has a compass function for exploring.

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