What Watch Does Gordon Ramsay Wear

While not every restaurant guru or TV personality wears expensive jewelry, Gordon does! He has his favorites that he consistently uses in almost all of his shoots and appearances including new trends like introducing leather watch straps for men.

He often is seen keeping track of time with a very professional looking watch. It is always easy to tell what kind of day he will have because it never changes. This makes us admire his work ethic even more!

Gordon’s favorite watches are Hublot (the Swiss company) and Roger Dubuis. Many people know him well already, but there are still many others out there who don’t. I would say that most of them probably haven’t spotted his watch yet though!

I wanted to take some time and talk about how popular these two brands are, as well as why they are such good alternatives if you can’t afford one of Gordon’s.

Patek Philippe

what watch does gordon ramsay wear

This is one of the most recognizable watch brands in the world. In fact, they have their own line of watches that are very popular. People know what a Patek Philippe watch looks like and how to tell if it’s fake or not!

If you love food then you probably have an expensive taste in cuisine as well. Many people who enjoy cooking also admire culinary talent so when someone with prestige puts his or her hands on something, we pay attention.

When chef Ramsay gets into a conversation about timepieces he usually talks about two things: Rolex and Patek Philippes. He loves both of these brands and uses them often for TV appearances and hosting events.

He even has his own collection which includes several models from each brand. When he does talk about his other watches they are never anything fancy, but still unique and stylish.

Tag Jewelry

Another popular jewelry style is referred to as “tag” or “statement” jewelry. This type of piece comes with an attached locket or pendant that can be opened up to access a picture or small note, or it may even open up to reveal another item (like a bracelet or ring). Because they are designed to be seen, many people will go all out to find one that is unique and special.

A common way to obtain a tag necklace is by buying a plain model and then having someone add their own design or personal message to it. Some brands will market these types of additions as being authentic or licensed, which adds prestige to the wearer.

Gordon loves this kind of jewelry and frequently flaunts his collection in TV shows and videos.

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