What Watch Does James Bond Wear

As one of the most famous movie characters ever, there have been many different versions of what watch Agent 007 wears in each film. He has even gone through several key relationships with watches as he changes jobs or styles.

In some films, his exact look is not clear because it is changed for the plot or story requirements. This article will focus on the more popular looks for him though! Many people recognize these specific timepieces so they are included here. If you want to learn more about the stories behind the watches, then check out our articles linked at the bottom of this page!

Note: Some of these pictures may be spoilers for the movies if you haven’t seen them yet. Make sure read at your own risk!

The Rolex Submariner

First let us talk about The Rolex Submariner. This was the first watch that we see Agent 007 wearing in the very first film he appears in, 1962’s For Your Eyes Only. He wore this during the opening credits and throughout the whole movie. It also becomes his signature watch later in the film.

This is an all-around great looking watch. Not only does it look cool, but it is practical and durable too. Due to its marine rating, it can handle water exposure up to 100 meters (328 feet)! That is quite some distance for a watch!

It also boasts incredible quality materials such as platinum and 18k gold which make it richly elegant.

Diamonds are forever

what watch does james bond wear

When it comes to what watch Agent 007 wears, there is no wrong choice! He has gone through many styles as he progresses in his career. Some people may even consider him to be flashy with how many watches he will wear at a given time.

But one thing that never changes is his love for diamonds. They are trinkets that appeal to someone across all demographics- they are rich or wealthy, male or female. And of course they always sparkle!

James Bond does not limit himself to only one brand either. He has tried just about every major make of watch you can think of! That includes Movado, Pulsar, Tag Heuer, Elektra, Fossil, and more!

But ever since The Living Daylights (1987) when Daniel Craig took over as Agent 007, he has worn a Rolex Submariner. It is characterized by its round case shape, bold dial style, and lugs which allow for attachment of accessories.

Patek Philippe

Between Sean Connery’s first turn as Agent 007 in 1964’s For Your Eyes Only, Daniel Craig’s take over for Quantum of Solace in 2008, and Bradley Cooper’s portrayal of the character in The World Is Not Enough back in 1999, there have been three different men to play the title spy in more than one movie.

That is quite an impressive feat! It shows that people consistently recognize him and he has done his job well by leaving audiences wondering who or what he might do next.

But why don’t we take a look at what watch each actor chooses to wear during their respective appearances as Agent 007?

For Your Eyes Only features our protagonist picking up some new pieces including a nice red timepiece made by Swiss company Patek Philippe.

Tag Heuer

what watch does james bond wear

In every film, what watch actor Daniel Craig wears is discussed at length by both fans and media members. Some say his love for Omega watches comes from his mother, while others claim it’s because he can’t afford something else. It seems clear that though he doesn’t publicly acknowledge it, he does have a bit of an obsession with TAG Heuers.

In Quantum Of Solace, we see him wearing a black Onyx Datejust in the opening scene. This was one of their first introductions to people outside of Switzerland and Germany, making this watch more popular. It also features a dial made up mostly of diamonds which makes it very flashy.

After leaving MI6, he received as a gift a yellowish-gold GMT-Master II which has white Roman numerals and Arabic numbers along with a second time zone hand.

Tiffany & Co watch

what watch does james bond wear

When Daniel Craig first doned the iconic suit as Agent 007, he wore a plain black leather band Timepiece from Swiss luxury brand, Tag Heuer. It had no name or branding on it aside from the time and date. This was later changed when the film’s producers found out that the manufacturer gave away an expensive gift with each watch purchase!

The next iteration of the TAG Heuer Monaco “James Bond” watch is much more recognizable than its predecessor though. The new model features Ian Fleming’s famous quote about money which reads:

“As I like to say, there’s never enough!,” says Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of French fashion house Chanel. “That is why we have invented the infinite.

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