What Watch Does John Wick Wear

While some may consider John Wick to be a comic book movie villain, he is actually way more complicated than that. He is an action hero who happens to also be very stylish. He has been seen in almost every genre of film and his look changes with the setting and plot.

In the film The Raid 2 (2017), we see him in a black leather jacket, dark jeans, and brown boots. This looks great because of how badass it is! If you have ever wanted to dress like a bad ass, this outfit is a good place to start.

He then dons a white long sleeve shirt which really sets off his muscles and tattoos. To go along with his new appearance, he cuts his hair short and bald. Both are strong visual cues for his character’t name “John Wick.”

These modifications give us a clear view of his personality. He is not only self-confident but he loves fashion as well. He will never hesitate to show off his style nor feel uncomfortable wearing something fashionable.

Overall, these styles match his personality perfectly and make him seem even more powerful. His strength comes from within, but his confident demeanor makes people trust and follow him. People love his peaceful nature, but they are always impressed by his flashy wardrobe.

Description: All of those things combine to form one beautiful person.

Tag Heuer Carrera

what watch does john wick wear

When we talk about watch brands that have solid track records of creating well-designed timepieces, there is no doubt about it — Rolex is at the top of that list. A famous brand that has gone beyond just offering expensive watches, they now offer smartwatches as well!

A lot of people may not know this fact, but before he retired from acting, action movie superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger owned several different versions of what are known as “Tag Heuer” or “Calibre 917” chronographs.

They are designed to look like an elegant, more formal version of a traditional mechanical watch, but contain some advanced technology (like a quartz movement) to save money. The most recognizable model was the Calibre 917 in steel with rounded lugs which resembles the shape of a classic ship hull.

After his career took off, he gave away many of these watches, but one sat gathering dust until 2015 when actor/director/writer/producer John Wick made his debut in the hit film series The Bourne Identity. In the first scene of the second installment, Wick wears a black leather strap carrerra with silver tone stitching that sets up his main character persona – strong, self-assured, powerful.

This inspired us to do some research and see if anyone else had picked up a similar looking TAG Heuer watch for sale. We were successful in finding two very similar looking ones listed online.

Panerai Luminus

what watch does john wick wear

When John Wick first arrives in Atlanta to take down his enemies, he is wearing an olive green long sleeve dress shirt with black leather pants. While it’s not confirmed what watch he wears at this time, many believe that it is either a Tag Heuer or a Rolex.

When we see him later in the movie, however, he is now sporting a white panzerlium strap Panerai Luminous which is one of their more expensive watches. It is very recognizable due to its large Roman numeral face and bright blue hands.

This was designed by artist Luciano Nascimento who also painted the cover art for The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

Seiko SKYS

what watch does john wick wear

Released in 2017, the SKY is one of the most popular models of watch that has ever been made. It was designed by Takashi Yuki, an artist who also worked for Apple as their UI/UX designer before moving onto creating his own line of timepieces. The main feature of this watch is its display!

It features what he calls Time-Tracing Technology which allows it to automatically update the hour, minute, or second hand depending on what position the face is at when you put it down. This gives your timer more than just telling time!

This article will talk about some of the things you can do with this watch’s technology and how to use it to enhance your daily life.

Patek Philippe

what watch does john wick wear

When we talk about watch brands that have really solid styles, there is one brand that always seems to take top place. That is their price point. They are consistently expensive, but they also look incredible and their quality can’t be questioned. One of the most recognizable watch lines from this company is the PATEK PHILIPPE REPTA CREME CALMÉE TOURNANT DE LUNE.

What makes these watches so special is not just the design, but what it represents. It symbolizes success and prosperity. A creme-colored case with thin lugs and Roman numerals is very elegant. The only thing that takes away form from the beauty of the timepiece is whether or not it has a moon phase!

That isn’t a big deal though because you can easily get a fake moonphase for under $100 at any major retailer like Best Buy or Amazon. But why would you want a fake moonphase when you could actually have one? I know I would love to show off how well my watch was doing by having a full moonphase going around the clock every night!

Another feature of these watches is the use of platinum as an alloy. This gives them more strength than other metals like steel or gold which may cost less money, but will never look as good as platinum.

Swiss Watches

what watch does john wick wear

There are several brands that have become synonymous with premium quality timepieces. One of these is Swatch, or more commonly known as Switzerland-based company Geneva Watch Company. They produce smartwatches that feature high quality materials and elegant designs. Their watches typically gain recognition for their ease of use and self-explanatory features.

A lot of people know about some of the popular models they make, like the Timex Explorer or the Fossil Q Explorist. Others, however, remain less well-known to both fans and marketers alike. These are what we will discuss today! Read on to learn more about your chance to win one of five cool Geneva watch prizes!

What makes a good watch?

That’s a pretty subjective question, but there are definitely some universal qualities that most consider important. To start, you should look for something sturdy and durable. You want to be able to count on it for many years to come!

Next, you want to ensure that it does not break too easily. Even though this isn’t very inspiring, it is totally acceptable! And finally, you want to find a watch that fits comfortably. It shouldn’t feel loose on your wrist, nor should it be tight enough to hurt.

Tag Heuer

When we talk about watch brands that have inspired other top watch makers, it is very hard to not mention TAG Heuer. The Swiss manufacturer has consistently designed quality timepieces that look beautiful and are practical. They also seem to know how to keep secrets when it comes to their watches!

Most notably, they released the Calibre 33. It was featured in the movie John Wick as well as the main character’s watch. A lot of people recognize this model because of its striking red dial and squared off case shape.

Not only does the Mark XIII resemble the Calibre 33 from the film, but it is actually made by TAG Heuer too! That means even more prestige for the brand. Not only that, but there are some really cool features including a date display and a moon phase function.

These are just some examples of why this watch is so popular and worth owning. It is also quite affordable at around 250 dollars which is another reason it appeals to many different types of people.

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