What Watch Does Nick Bare Wear

When someone gets really into sports, they usually have one favorite team or player. For some people, it is Steph Curry with his flashy footwear collection or LeBron James who is known for always wearing championship rings. Others are never heard from until March when everyone else in the country is talking about basketball and then they talk about how great Kevin Durant looks in Nike Air Jordan XX8s!

For professional football players, what shoes they wear comes down to cost. A lot of brands will offer you their highest priced shoe as “the champ” which most athletes can’t resist buying because if they don’t, than that person feels like he/she was not bought enough.

But what if we took all this expensive merchandise and made it available for the average fan so that anyone could look cool? That is what we did at Reviewed.

We gathered up all the best-selling NFL jerseys (yes, there are many) and test-drove out the cheapest ones on NBA size feet. Fun fact: Most major league baseball teams use the same jersey manufacturer as an NHL team, just under different names. So, while some MLB gear may be authentic, it is also fake due to the name change. We will ignore that for now.

What we found was pretty surprising. Many of these cheap t-shirts actually looked good and even though they were low price points, they seemed high quality.

Tag Heuer

what watch does nick bare wear

When he first revealed his love for expensive watches, Nick wore only Tag Heuers. They are one of the top watch brands that still enjoys large popularity today. The most well-known style is the Monaco Ref 6234 which has a dial with Roman numerals and numbers that go up to 30.

He would frequently put this next to another timepiece or use both at once in a way that was unique and creative. Some examples include having an hour hand move around the face to create a second time format or putting the minutes next to each other creating more depth.

These types of designs were popularized by Leon Trotsky who used them as a form of stealthy communication. By incorporating the design into his own wardrobe, you can interpret what messages he wanted to send others!

This is not the only interesting thing about these watches. Many people have written things like poetry and short stories onto the inside of the cases. Because it is possible to read some parts but not all, many writers use this feature to their advantage to inspire writing.

Richard Mille

what watch does nick bare wear

The most expensive watch brand is also one of the highest profile ones- at least to watch collectors. Swiss luxury timepiece maker, Richard Mille, has some of the most extravagant watches in the world.

Not only do they cost an incredible amount of money, but many are considered works of art as well. Many feature unique materials or elaborate designs that have never been done before.

Some even play music! And not your run-of-the-mill, easy listening tunes either; these pieces get heavy with bass like nothing else.

What makes them so special? It’s all about the material used to make it. Most Richard Milles use a ceramic bezel which requires extremely high quality polish to look its best. Or how about a diamond encrusted dial that adds sparkle to the face of the watch?

It is very important to know what kind of steel each component is made out of too. A fake stainless steel band will not last more than a year unless you take really good care of it.

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