What Watch Does Phil Mickelson Wear

When you’re professional athlete, your style is always being watched. Whether it be by the media or your fan base, having flashy clothes that stand out is what people recognize you for.

For example, when Tiger Woods was winning his first major championship at The Masters back in April of 2010, he wore a pair of green leather pants with snakeskin shoes. They received many comments about how cool they were and how well designed they are.

He has since made them into clothing lines so others can have them as well!

But aside from his shoe designs, what shirt he wears and whether it is long or short is also heavily scrutinized. For instance, while most men would dress up in a solid color shirt, Tiger often will mix it up by wearing patterned ones.

His fashion choices seem to stay consistent though, usually favoring white shirts or brightly colored ones. He sometimes mixes up different fabrics too, such as silk or cotton blend.

Overall, his look seems very casual and basic, which is why some people may feel that his wardrobe doesn’t match his status as one of golf’s top players.

Mickelson is not quite as flashy as Tiger, but he does share similar qualities. Not only do both enjoy eating meat, but they are both known for their confidence in themselves and desire to succeed.

What did Phil wear to the 2017 Masters Tournament?

what watch does phil mickelson wear

When it comes down to what clothes he wears at a golf tournament, there are really only two types of looks he consistently uses. He either goes with simple solid colors or flashy patterns. This is his style that he has incorporated into his wardrobe.

He will sometimes mix up the shades in a shirt or the pattern for an item, but never full-on flashy. That would be too much for him to bear!

He does not necessarily spend a lot of time deciding what to put on his body, but when he does, it’s important to look good and feel comfortable. For example, during The Masters this year, he wore a white long sleeve dress shirt paired with dark pants and black shoes.

These type of shirts are called crew neck shirts and they have a little V collar under his chin. They also typically use very light material which makes them durable and washable.

What did Phil wear to the 2015 U.S. Open

what watch does phil mickelson wear

When it comes down to it, what does he actually wear? That is one of his biggest signatures as a professional golfer. He has been known for having some funky styles and quirky colors throughout his career. Many people know him for his flashy gold jewelry but there’s more to that than just that!

He doesn’t mind showing off his fashion sense in public, even if it is for something like the Masters or the United States Open. People will notice his watch but most of them don’t realize what kind of watch it is until later.

It’s very casual so you can probably look at his open-faced timepiece and say it isn’t too expensive. It seems fitting though because this article will talk about how much his golf swing cost him.

What did Phil wear to the 2014 Open Championship

what watch does phil mickelson wear

As he entered The Belfry, one of his favorite golf clubs in England, for the first time as champion, what watch he wore garnered some attention. Many speculated that it was an expensive Timex, but few knew which model it was. Some even mentioned Seiko or Fossil!

But all were wrong. It is not a Timex at all!

It is instead a TAG Heuer Monaco Ref. 6236. A red-colored mechanical chronograph with white accents and Roman numerals. An extremely recognizable design that has been popularized by the Swiss company Tag Heuer since 1963.

This particular example retails for around $400 – quite affordable for someone who designs their own watches. But still very expensive for a casual watch given its price tag.

Michelsons’ parents probably paid close attention to how well he dressed before he left for the tournament, so they made sure he had a nice watch. Unfortunately, we can’t tell if this one is water resistant because there are no markings indicating whether it is or not.

What did Phil wear to the 2013 Open Championship

what watch does phil mickelson wear

As we continue our look at what watch Phils wears, let’s take a look at his timepiece for this past May’s British Open. It is not only one of the most recognizable brands in sports, but it has also become symbolic of his career as he enters into retirement.

Mickelson debuted his new Timex watches back in February 2016 during The Masters where they were met with some criticism. Many felt that by moving away from longer chronographs, which are typically more expensive, he was coming off as cheap or even poor.

Phil disagrees though and still uses them frequently. While he doesn’t actively advertise the fact, he does make use of their built-in compass feature to help find his next golf job. He also reportedly loves how durable they are and how easy it can be to tell if something isn’t working anymore.

Since then, Timex has released two different models of the Swatch Chronograph. One features white faces while the other has black ones. Both have red hands and Roman numerals along with an oversized crown surrounded by sapphire glass.

What did Phil wear to the 2012 Open Championship

what watch does phil mickelson wear

When it came time for him to dress up in his own backyard, he picked one of his most recognizable looks. He wore a Cartier watch that has become synonymous with his career as one of golf’s greatest players.

The red-colored GMT-Master is made out of 18 karat white gold and features Roman numerals along the face. It also displays the hour, minute, and second hands at a very readable size.

What did Phil wear to the 2011 Open Championship

what watch does phil mickelson wear

When he won his first major at The Masters in 2005, many people didn’t know what watch he was wearing. He only revealed it after the event, when he took off his shirt and displayed his Rolex Day Date President Sport Chronograph with silver face and black leather strap.

It is now known that this watch is one of over 1 million made by Swiss company Horology Vendors, or HV as they are commonly referred to. They are very popular because not only do they look great, but also due to their high-quality materials and precision timing mechanisms, they are quite expensive!

Many famous athletes have been seen sporting an HV timepiece, including Tiger Woods who has two – one for golf and one for other activities. But what makes these watches special isn’t just their looks, but also their accuracy which comes from their self-winding movement and spring loaded pushers.

What did Phil wear to the 2010 Open Championship

what watch does phil mickelson wear

When he won his first major at The Masters in early April, it was announced that he would be wearing an all-new Rolex watch for the rest of the season. This new timepiece features his name engraved along with the year and the word “Champion” across the face.

It also has a second time display which is just under the main one, making it easy to see both the hour as well as the minute hand position. It also comes with a protective cover so you do not have to worry about dropping it or having it get wet.

What did Phil wear to the 2009 Open Championship

what watch does phil mickelson wear

When he won his first major at Muirfield in 2008, many thought that he would be wearing an all-white dress shirt with black leather shoes as his watch. But what actually got him into the winner’s circle was his Zenith Caliber 517 Movement Timekeeper.

Mickelson has always been very sentimental when it comes to watches, owning several over the years. He even gave one away after it broke during The Masters back in 2012!

He now wears this beautiful silver timepiece from Movado, which features Roman numerals and Arabic numbers along with a unique locket shape case. It also boasts a precision quartz movement and is water resistant up to 200 feet (60 meters).

It wasn’t just the watch itself that made it special to him though; it was the way it represented him as a person. This is evident by the small collection of pinball game tickets and poker chips next to the clock face.

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