What Watch Does Max Verstappen Wear

In past seasons, one of the hottest pieces for fans to admire was the link strap watch. A link strap watch is when the company attaches their logo or brand onto a band that goes around your wrist. They are very popular because you can easily swap out the straps to match with any dress code or style!

Max Verstappen has always been known as someone who loves to keep up with the trends in fashion. He never seems to shy away from putting his logos and brands on show where everyone can see them. His most recent linked strap watch comes from Baselworld this year!

He wore it during an event at Ferrari World while attending a press conference ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix. When he took off the watch, people were amazed by how well designed it was! It even had some cool features like light emitting diodes (LEDs) which glow in sync with the car’s livery!

Not only does it look great, but it also works effectively as a timepiece too! This was evident when he put it through its paces during the event. Not only did it tell the right time, it told the wrong time twice before! Luckily, no one noticed except for him himself!

We will be looking into different aspects of this watch including it’s design, functionality, and overall influence on the market.

What timepieces does he wear

what watch does max verstappen wear

When it comes to what watch he wears, there is no clear favorite style or model. He has been seen wearing lots of different watches, including some that are very popular. Some people consider his styles interesting while others say they are not.

He often pairs his watch with black leather gloves which match the color of his car. This way, he can easily check the time without taking off his glove.

It is hard to tell whether his choice of watch is because he just loves many brands or if it is for marketing purposes.

What brands does he wear

what watch does max verstappen wear

He loves expensive, flashy watches that almost everyone else in the world has or can get. But not him! He prefers simple, elegant timepieces. And while his style may be very fashionable and popular now, that is definitely not always the case.

He will go through stages where he will actively look to avoid big, flashy watch brands and styles of watches. Then, other than some Tag Heuer’s, there are no fancy new watch acquisitions for him!

But as we all know, fashion trends come and go. So when a new trend comes along that he likes, he must have it! For example, people used to dislike large, bolder lugs on a strap before they became popular.

Does he own all of his watches

what watch does max verstappen wear

When talking about what watch Max wears, it is important to know which type of watch he has. He does not have every size, style, and shape of watch in this category, but he does have quite a few!

He typically starts with an automatic timepiece that has Roman numerals for hours. This is usually a Tag Heuer or Richard Milner (both are brands we mentioned earlier). Then he adds a second time piece that has either a chronograph function or a second hand. These can be stuck at any position such as the top or the bottom of the dial.

His third watch is almost always a dress watch in stainless steel or black leather. These are hung from a strap that hangs down his arm or across his chest. If he does not wear a strap, then it is normally a one-button design.

What makes these interesting is how they are designed. For example, his current favorite features large bold numbers with very little space in between.

What does he buy next

what watch does max verstappen wear

He is always looking for new pieces to add into his collection or take off of it. Most people know that he loves Nike products, but what they may not know is just how expensive some are!

He has been known to spend over $1,000 on any one pair! For example, he paid almost $600 for the Nike Air Force 1 “Infrared” colorway which was released in September 2018.

That is definitely within budget! But, he did drop nearly $400 on another sneaker at an event earlier this year. It seems like he is trying to find that perfect performance sneaker.

Overall though, he keeps them relatively modest with mostly Adidas shoes. However, there have been reports of him buying Reebok Pulses recently! They are reportedly very popular among athletes and trainers.

Who is his favorite designer

what watch does max verstappen wear

As we mentioned before, he has been seen wearing lots of Watches by Hublot, but not many people know what they are. They seem to be very popular with drivers!

That’s definitely not a bad thing, right? I mean, who doesn’t like money or at least admire it?

Max loves fast cars so that probably helps him look more fashionable than most people. He also seems to have an affinity for expensive clothes, which isn’t surprising given all of his flashy appearances.

He does wear less expensive clothing items as well, though. That’s why some fans called him “The Diamond Child.” It’s kind of a clever nickname.

Many people assume that because he likes expensive things that he can’t afford them, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

He actually spent quite a bit of money buying whatever item he wanted to use. Most people don’t realize how wealthy he is even when he talks about it.

He just keeps it to himself haha.

Who is his favorite racing driver

what watch does max verstappen wear

When he was little, he loved to watch Formula One races on TV. He would sit down and watch every single race many times over. His favorites were always Daniel Ricciardo or Lewis Hamilton!

He has since moved up in racing, but still loves watching it. Now he mostly watches F1 through YouTube, where you can get all of the races for free.

Max also enjoys NASCAR, which is another form of motorsports. He likes Tony Stewart and Kyle Busch very much. And yes, he does have a collection of their merchandise as well.

When he’s not spending time watching sports, he loves playing soccer and doing other active things like running, swimming, and riding bikes.

He even tried diving once! He never got too far into it though.

What does he like to do with his watches

what watch does max verstappen wear

He loves looking at them, trying out new styles and brands. He loves having fun with watch collecting. He enjoys adding new pieces to his collection or upgrading an old one!

Verstappens are known for their flashy style and unique latching mechanisms. When they work, they really work!

He has had many fake Versaces, but nothing that even comes close in quality to what it should be. The most expensive ones have not been too impressive in terms of durability either.

But, he has never said anything bad about any specific brand nor has he ever made fan-boyish statements about any specific model. He just seems to admire good craftsmanship and elegant designs.

What is his current favorite watch brand? Probably no surprise here — Hublot! They make very cool, high-quality timepieces that look incredible. And some of their models are quite affordable as well.

What does he think of his fashion sense

what watch does max verstappen wear

When asked about his style, what he likes to wear, and how he dresses, Max doesn’t really have too much to say. He loves simple clothes that are well-fitted and stylish. He says he doesn’t care much for expensive brands or flashy decorations.

He is known to be very fashionable when it comes to sneakers. He has several pairs from various manufacturers and styles. Some people call this shoe obsession “streetwear” because most of them can be found in stores that sell casual clothing.

He also enjoys dress shirts with collars that fit snugly. These are usually white or light blue and are never loose or baggy. If they do not come with a shirt attached, he purchases one that does to ensure their quality.

He is always keeping up with the latest trends so someone else may pay him homage by copying something he is wearing.

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