What Watch Does Tiger Woods Wear

While some may consider watching golf to be a form of entertainment, for professional athletes like Tiger Woods, his watch is part of his brand. He consistently updates his look by buying new watches that have flashy features or cool designs.

He has even designed several lines of clothing using materials and patterns inspired by his wristwatch! When he isn’t in competition, you can usually find him wearing one of two watches; either an Invictus Silver Bullet Chronograph or a Tag Heuer Monaco Calibre 725.


Tiger loves watches and has many styles. But what makes his watches special are not just their looks, but also how they represent who he is as a person. For example, his Invictus collection celebrates strength through time — which is fitting since he won his first Grand Slam championship at age 24 with a 21-0 record.

His Tag Heuer line was influenced by the French Riviera, where most wealthy people live, so it too emphasizes wealth. Both brands emphasize precision and quality over anything else.

This article will talk more about what types of watches Tiger wears and why. You will learn about his favorite fashion brands, his reasons for choosing certain models, and tips for spotting a fake watch.

Richard Mille

what watch does tiger woods wear

The man who designed this watch is Richard Mille, an Italian-born artist and entrepreneur. He designs timepieces that are known for being striking and stylish. His products are also notable for their high quality materials and craftsmanship.

In 2002 he founded his own company, RM Clutch Ltd., which produces luxury clutches and other personal accessories. Since then, his business has grown exponentially with over 1 million followers across all of his social media accounts.

He does not work alone though, as there are at least five people in his design team including himself. All of them have a hand in creating what you see every day when you look at your phone or wristwatch.

His latest creation includes yet another spectacular watch to add to his collection. This one is special because it was sponsored by none other than golf superstar Tiger Woods!

Why Is It Important To Know About Watches?

To truly understand why this new watch is so important, you first need to know something about watches themselves.

Watches come in many shapes and sizes, but they usually contain three main components: the case, the strap, and the face/display.

The case is where the watch actually stores its battery, setting it off and timing it. Most cases are made out glass or plastic, although some are made up metals like gold or platinum.

A strap is typically attached to the case and covers most of the exposed part of the watch.

Louis Vuitton

what watch does tiger woods wear

The king of luxury fashion brands is back with a new watch! After parting ways in 2014, LV made a comeback this past May when they reintroduced their iconic Ballon Spey timepiece.

The LV Ballon Spey comes in two versions- either stainless steel or blackened ceramic and has an average price tag of over 1,000 dollars.

But it’s definitely worth the investment since it features some incredible characteristics. For one thing, its shape and size are reminiscent of a trout dart so it makes for quite the conversation piece. It also boasts an impressive engineered movement that takes advantage of the natural energy source of water to keep track of time.

This isn’t your typical watch though, as it doesn’t have any markings or Roman numerals but instead uses different shapes and materials to denote hours, minutes, and even seconds.

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